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TPS92638EVM: Hi, i would like to enquire with regards to the product number of TPS92638EVM evaluation module .

Part Number: TPS92638EVM
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: TPS92612-Q1


I would like to ask whether is this driver applicable to the LEDs that I want to connect with. Based on the manual, This driver has a total of 8 channel/strings. Each string can drives up to 70mA if connected in series and 560mA is connected in parallel. I have a total of 8 external LEDs that I wish to connect with. Each LED requires a current of 500mA to light up. Therefore my plan of doing it is to connect all the 8 channels/strings parallel and connect it with 8 LEDs. An illustration is shown as below. I would like to know whether is this method correct?

Next question that I have is that I have an additional 4 LEDs that need to be light up;2 blue LEDs and 2 white LEDs whereby each LED require 40mA to light up. This 4 LEDs will be connected on a new EMV. However, I wish to on the LED one colour at a time (meaning: 2 blue to be lighted up while 2 white is off; 2 White are lighted up while 2 bles are off). Is there any way for recommendation?


  • it is ok to paralle all the 8 output channels together to drive over 500mA current. But supply voltage needs to be regualted to a certain value ( Vf + 3V max ) to balance the thermal dissipation on the part.

    For the 40mA LED load, i would recommend to use TPS92612-Q1 to drive two LED string, you can put two MOSFET between LED string and GND to realize turning on only one channel at the same time.