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BQ40Z50-R1: Advanced BQMtester and EV2400

Part Number: BQ40Z50-R1
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I have an Advanced BQMtester board, HPA495 REV A and I have installed the Advanced BQMtester SW version 2.18.  SW installed correctly. All hooked up and connected to EV2400, I have powered the HPA495 REV A  board with 24V and 5V isolated power supply,  I have connected the BQ40Z50-R1 evaluation board as well with HPA495 Re B. When I try to run BQ tester station setup.exe   I get this error message.

Do I need to separately power the BQ40Z50-R1 evaluation board? 

Thanks and Regards

Dileep Chacko

  • Are the connections per Ig yes, you don't need external power.
  • Hi Batt

    I have made the setup according to sluu397 application note. both current supply and voltage supply LED is turned on, but current on and voltage on LED is turned off. How do I enable them to get individual cell voltages? reference meter shows 0V. How do get the individual cell voltage and pack voltage from HPA495 Rev A board to power the BQ40Z50 evaluation board? How to turn on D3 and D5. 

    Thanks and Regards

    Dileep Chacko

  • Hi 

    Can anyone please help me regarding this issue? or direct me in the correct direction. 



  • Hi

    The problem is that current ON and voltage ON LED are off. I believe the BQ production setup is ok

  • Dileep,

    When you connect the bq40z50, does that work? Have you enabled the fets on the device? Please check that. If you don't have a 4s pack, you can use 1k resistors on the battery side pins.

  • Hi Batt

    If I connect 1k and connect an external power supply BQ40Z50-R1 works. But I wanted to use HPA495 Rev A and connect the BQ40Z50 and need to do a current, voltage and temperature calibration. My understanding is that HPA495 board will generate the reference voltage and current. Do I still need to connect external supply other than 24V and 5V into HPA495.  The problem is HPA495 board is not generating the cell voltages.  Current ON and Voltage ON LEDs are off in HPA495 board. How do I  them activate the LED. 

    Thanks and Regards

    Dileep Chacko 

  • Hi Dileep,

    Your understanding is corrrect. You don't need an external PSU to provide power from the HPA495. It should enable calibration as soon as your setup is detected. Please try the following steps.

    Instructions for setup
    Power up the board connecting the 24V and 5V PSU to their terminals, (+24V, 24V RTN) and (+5V, 5V RTN)
    Use separate grounds for both power sources, should be set individually
    Connect an ev2300 to the i2c and smbus terminals near the power terminals, then connect it to the computer
    Connect the cell (4 pack) to the cell-, cell1, cell2, cell3, cell4 terminals
    Short the bat - and cell- terminals
    Jump the pack- and bat- terminals
    Short pack+ with pack+ on the evm
    Short pack- with pack- on the evm
    Connect the smbus cable between the evm and the mtester on the cell terminals side of the board

    Set power to 24V and 5V with a tolerance of 2A or 1A on the PSU