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CSD17382F4: driver for ic

Part Number: CSD17382F4
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i want to know what  mosfet driver should i use with this ic ??

my requirement is to sink about 12A current

  • Hello Shikha,

    Thanks for your interest in TI FETs. Can you please share more details about your application. Is this source of the FET referenced to ground? What is the pulse width and duty cycle of the 12A current you need to sink? The absolute maximum pulsed drain current rating, IDM, for this FET is 14.8A at Tamb = 25C with a pulse width <= 100us and duty cycle <= 1%. Essentially, this is a single pulse rating. You will need to use the transient thermal impedance curves in the datasheet to determine if the FET can support 12A at your pulse width, duty cycle and ambient temperature. If the source of the FET is ground referenced you can use any low side driver IC. Please keep in mind, the absolute maximum VGS is 10V and recommended operating max VGS is 8V. Driving VGS > 10V will damage the FET.

  • Hello Shikha,

    I must also point out that 12A is a lot of current for this small device. Depending on your operating conditions and requirements, you may want to consider using a lower rds(on) FET in a larger package with a higher current rating. Please share more details on your requirements and I will try to help you determine if this FET will work or if we need to find a different device.

  • yes source of the FET will be referenced to ground, max pulse width will be 575 us, Vgs will be 5V,

    and if 6A at a time is made to sink, i hope that will not be problematic. 

    also can i find PSPICE model for this component ??

  • hey john 

    i think my requirement of 575us pulse width make this incompatible for my application, can you suggest me some other mosfet and a driver along with it 

  • Hi Shikha,

    There are PSpice and TINA-TI models available in the CSD17382F4 product folder on the TI website. Click on the Design and Development tab and you should find them there. Please note, we do not publish unencrypted models on public websites. Let me know if you need the unencrypted model and I will send you a friend request which will allow me to share the model via private message.

    Is this a single or a repetitive pulse? If it is repetitive, I need to know duty cycle or frequency at which the FET must sync the current pulse for 575us. This will help me determine the appropriate FET for your application.

    TI makes a number of driver ICs. The attached spreadsheet is a listing of low side driver ICs that might work for you.

    Low-side drivers.xlsx

  • I'll see the simulation model, and if that doesn't help, I'll tell you if i need unencrypted model ,thanks for that.

    Frequency should be 30-50MHz , it will be a repetitive pulse.

    And I'll look in the spreadsheet also.

    Thank you!

  • Hi Shikha,

    A pulse wide of 575us @ 30 to 50 MHz doesn't make sense to me. In any case, the best way to determine if a FET will work in this application is to use the transient thermal impedance curves in the datasheet. These provide a normalized thermal impedance based on the pulse width and duty cycle of the pulse. We have published a blog series here: . Please see part 6 and part 4 to get a better understanding of how we spec thermal impedance and pulsed current ratings in our MOSFET datasheets. If the CSD17382F4 is not going to meet your needs, then I would recommend looking at larger packaged devices in a 2x2mm QFN (package designator Q2) or a 3x3mm QFN (Q3, Q3A). Some potential parts are CSD17318Q2 or CSD17579Q3A. These can handle much higher current.