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TPS62122: External Soft Start Circuit for Long Distance Power Source

Part Number: TPS62122
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: TLV713P,

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We are designing a 12V to 3.3V (Buck + LDO) Power Supply for Bluetooth MESH network. We are using TPS62122 to step down 12V to 3.6V and filtering the output ripple through TLV713P to get 3.3V.
In total, 30 Bluetooth Nodes will be connected to a 12V line over 100 meters. Average and Peak Current Consumptions of each Bluetooth Node are 5.5mA and 25mA (9.9mA RX, 25mA TX and 1.4uA Sleep).

Just to give an idea, the final connections look as below,

We have run few TINA Simulations and decided to use 100uF 200 ohms Aluminium Electrolytic Cap at every Buck Converter. The Vin Overshoot estimated during system power-on is 15V. Each Buck Converter Circuit has a TVS Surge Protection Diode.

Kindly help us with the questions below,

With nearly 30 * 100uF capacitors connected to 12V line, we are considering whether or not to install an external Soft Start Circuit after 12V 5A SMPS as shown (Yellow Box) in above diagram. We have no experience in designing a Soft Start Circuit and would like to seek advice on

1) Is a Soft Start Circuit recommended after 12V 5A SMPS in above system to prevent heavy inrush current, voltage overshoot and voltage ringing during system start-up?

2) If a Soft Start Circuit is recommended, does TI offer any ready solution ICs for this?

3) Could you please share TI Application Notes on Soft Start Circuits to help us get started.