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Multicell BQ27501 implementation issues

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I am using the BQ27501 in a battery powered embedded system where all I have are the PACK+ and PACK- voltages. I have the following questions,

1. Once the initial OCV value is read and the BAT_GD pin (pin 12) is pulled low, is it ever pulled high or left floating again during system operation? My power system uses a FET to turn on the power system based on the BAT_GD being pulled low after battery insertion. I want to avoid the power system being turned off under any conditions till user unplugs the battery.

2. The battery pack that I am using does not have a internal thermistor that I can access. The battery pack sits about 8 inches away from the PCB that the BQ27501 is on. The PCB is also enclosed in a box and the internal temperature can get upto 50-70 degree celcius. The actual temperature of the battery pack will be different from the ambient temperature that the BQ27501 measures. The app notes say that the internal temp sensor of the chip will monitor the temperature to make sure it does not exceed 45degree C. And if it does, floats the BAT_GD pin. This will turn off my power system. Is there any way to get around the 45degree threshold?