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BQ2060: After Over Temp - subsequent data reads (voltage, temperature) stale

Part Number: BQ2060
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: BQSTUDIO, EV2400

Hello All,

I was wondering if anyone else here has seen this scenario on battery packs using the BQ2060 - after an event like a battery pack going overtemp - subsequent queries for voltages and temperatures appear to be stale; after a time (I'm assuming this is a time-out that's possibly in the config EEPROM) - the charger will come back on and readings resume.

I've tried using a tool like the EV2400 to look at the registers (EEPROM) on the BQ2060 PCBA via the SMB bus - but that's not entirely successful since that's not supported by bqStudio - but I suppose I will find a way to do that.

From the datasheet:

Over-Temperature: An over-temperature condition exists when Temperature() is greater than or equal to the
Max T value programmed in EE 0x45 (most significant nibble). On detecting an over-temperature condition,
the bq2060 sets the ChargingCurrent() to zero and sets the OVER_TEMP_ALARM and
TERMINATE_CHARGE_ ALARM bit in BatteryStatus() and the CVOV bit in Pack Status. The
over-temperature condition is cleared when Temperature() is equal to or below (Max T– 5°C).

I'll see if I can check that value - does the charging current being set to zero somehow cause data reads to be stale?

John W.

  • Hi John,

    The bq2060 is old and is NRND. Unfortunately we are unable to check the code. However, it looks like the data should update following an OT condition after looking at the behavior of other similar devices. bqstudio is meant for newer devices.

  • Hello Batt,

    Yes - I thought when I bought the EV2400 and ThumBus2300 they would be compatible with the BQ2060 based battery packs I'm dealing with right now - electrically they are - but all available existing tools (GUIs) aren't - I thought there would be a .bqz package for the BQ2060's.

    The 4060 is somewhat compatible - but it doesn't always work with bqStudio but does allow me to see the contents of some of the stored data in the EEPROM when it's successful.

    I've also looked for the EV2200-60 - but I guess that isn't available anywhere - I even looked on eBay.

    I think it's possible to change the ManufacturerAccess code and be able to read the contents of the EEPROM - there has been a post on that. 

    If I'm to get these newer tools to work - I guess the only choice I have is to make a GUI that does that.

    With the installed base of BQ2060's - I thought someone would have done this already and made it available.


  • Hello All,

    Just in case this can be useful to someone else - please look here for a project on github that interfaces with the EV2X00 family:


  • Hi John,

    Thanks for looking into this solution for an old part. Rarely when registers are compatible and the protocol is the same, you may be able to retrieve appropriate data for a mismatched bqstudio device. However, we do not recommend it be used that way.