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BQMTESTER: Faulty firmware transfer or incorrect calibration

Part Number: BQMTESTER
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Hello everybody,

We try to use the bqmtester to program and calibrate a larger number of modules with the bq40z50-R2. We have found that programming and calibrating is faulty when we calibrate the temperature along with the voltage and current. For temperature calibration we have selected Int sensor and Ext1 sensor. When we turn off the temperature calibration, the programming and calibration of voltage and current is correct.
Five different options can be selected on the production screen: if temperature calibration is selected, Int Sensor, Ext1 Sensor to Ext4 Sensor can be selected.
We use the sensor in the bq40z50 and we use one sensor on the cells.
What do we have to select now in the production program to get a correct calibration?



  • Hi Karl,

    It depends on the setting in the gauge. If you are using TS1 as default for cell temp and TS2 for fet temp, you can set the same for calibration.

  • Hi Batt,

    thanks for your reply.

    We do not use TS2. This sensor we have not connected. For the temperature measuring of the fets we are using the sensor in the bq40z50.

    Now we do not know, what we have to select in the production programm for the Temp calibration.



  • Hi Karl,

    If you are using TSINT you don't need to calibrate the internal temperature as it's already precalibrated. You can adjust for offset by directly writing to temp offset.

  • The temperature values from the bqProduction configuration are not regularly taken over.

    In addition to the topic...

    We're want to program our 100% functional srec-File (with bqStudio verified) with the automatically calibration via bqProduction for multiple stations. 

    The are 2 different (or maybe similar) problems:

    1. At controlling with bqStudio the temperature from Int Temperature and TS1 Temperature dosen't match with the configurated temperature from the bqProduction, round about 23°C. No electricity flow, same spot and just a few seconds after the calibration with bqProduction, so there cant be any external flucturation of temperature. Example Int Temperature: 21.3° and TS1 Temperature 24.4°C. These are also the regular values. If i calibrating it in bqStudio with 23°C, there result is 23°C +/- 0.1 and this is what it has to be.

    2. Sometimes, at independent failture from 1th , bq40z50 runs into a Charge/Discharge FET Protection (permament fail) after programming and calibrating, so it locks the CHG and DSG FETs or no relatable reason. At controlling with bqStudio the temperature are with just round about 20°C...25°C not out of range. Just after reprogramming the issuse are gone. This ist the Bit Register with this error.

    The Protection-Parameter are far enough away from nominal/our environment.
    OTC - Threshold 60.0°C, Delay 2s, Recovery 55.0°C

    OTD - Threshold 75.0°C, Delay 2s, Recovery 65.0°C

    OTF - Threshold 90.0°C, Delay 2s, Recovery 70.0°C

    UTC - Threshold 0.0°C, Delay 2s, Recovery 1.0°C

    UTD - Threshold -20.0°C, Delay 2s, Recovery -18.0°C

    So what can be done to avoid this annoying failture?

  • Hello Martin,

    Can you provide us a block diagram of how you have your thermistors setup here?

  • Just a typical 10k NTC is connencted to this Pins. But I can't understand, how that information could be nessesary for the question of the calibration issue from the bqProduction program.

  • Hi Martin

    Have you tried using the max ofset field of bqproduction to account for the wrong temp calibration?

    The  srec that is being programmed, ensure that the fets are disabled in them before programming to see if that elimiates the PF issue of the fets.