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TLV803: About the Release Voltage

Part Number: TLV803


Please tell me the worst value of (VIT- + VHYS).
The Max value of VHYS was not description in the data sheet.

Thank you.
Best regards.

  • Taishi,

    Please refer to Table 7.5 in the datasheet and use the VHYS found in the TYP column. Notice that the hysteresis value changes depending on device variant. To calculate the worst case, use MAX VIT- and the correct VHYS.

    Also, are you aware we have a new replacement device for TLV803? Our new device is called TLV803E and has much better performance in all specs. In our new device, we spec the MAX VHYS which may help you more. If possible, please switch to the TLV803E device.

    Please let me know if you have additional questions.

  • Thank you for an answer.
    Checked TLV803E data sheet.
    Let me confirm a few things.
    1.Is the Typ value of VIT- accurate?
    2.If the Typ value of VIT- is accurate,
      2-1. Is the MIN and MAX of the VIT- correct as follows?
       VIT-MIN:(VIT - * 0.995) * 0.98
       VIT-MAX:(VIT - * 1.005) * 1.02
     2-2.Is the MIN and MAX of VHYS correct as follows?
         VHYS-MIN:VIT-MIN * 0.991
         VHYS-MAX:VIT-MAX * 1.015
    Thank you.
    Best regards.
  • Taishi,

    1. The typical value of VIT- is within 0.5% of nominal value. See VIT- spec in Table 7.5

    2-1. The minimum value of VIT- is -2% of nominal VIT- value. The maximum value of VIT- is +2% of nominal VIT- value. So minimum = VIT- * 0.98, maximum = VIT- * 1.02. When calculating min and max, use +/- 2%, do not include 0.5% for typical since the minimum and maximum already include this variation.

    2-2. This is incorrect. VHYS minimum is 0.9% of VIT- and VHYS maximum is 1.5% of VIT-. To calculate worst case rising threshold (VIT+ = VIT- + VHYS), the minimum worst case is VIT- MIN + VHYS MIN. The maximum worst case rising threshold is VIT- MAX + VHYS MAX. 

     VHYS-MIN:VIT-MIN * 0.009
     VHYS-MAX:VIT-MAX * 0.015

    So Worst case minimum for rising threshold = VIT- MIN + VHYS MIN, and worst case maximum for rising threshold = VIT- MAX + VHYS MAX

    Please let me know if this answers your questions.