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REF6025: C_L value for load transient response graph on the datasheet

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Part Number: REF6025



Our customer has a question for REF60xx.
There is Figure 17 and 18 (see below) for load transient response in the datasheet(SBOS708B).
What is C_L value for these graphs?




  • Hi Oba,

    Let me look into this for you.

  • Hi Obu,

    From simulation, the CL = 10uF.

  • Hello Marco,

    Thanks for your reply. OK, If CL = 10uF, I have an additional question.
    I feel like that the transient response for 3mA, Figure 18, is not good. 

    My customer is looking at both REF60xx and REF50xx.
    I think REF60xx should have better transient response performance because it has very good reference buffer.

    But comparing transient response between REF60xx and REF50xx,  REF50xx looks better for high current case.
    The below is from REF50xx datasheet. Comparing REF50xx and REF60xx with 1mA case, REF60xx looks better.
    But comparing REF50xx with 10mA and REF60xx with 3mA, REF50xx looks better.
    Could you tell me the reason that REF50xx looks better for higher current case for transient response?


  • HI Oba,

    I am still investigating this question with my team. I will reply once I have an answer.

  • H Oba,

    The REF60xx was optimized for ADC loads where transient step in current would be much smaller (like 400uA as you said), the response would be faster than REF50XX, and it is this that really matters for ADC accuracy or burst mode performance.

    Load steps such as the +/-3mA have a low bandwidth loop which causes a slower settling time which is why it takes longer than the REF50xx.