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TPS24750: Output Pin absolute maximum negative voltage & Load inductive kickback

Part Number: TPS24750

Hi All,

There is the -0.3V absolute maximum limit at the output pin of TPS24750, and in the datasheet there are suggestions to clamp the output with a schottky in case of an inductive load or cable inductance. I suspect that this -0.3V is a DC spec and during load turn-OFF transient there could be lower voltages at that pin.

Because this E-Fuse is 12A rated, and finding a diode with <0.3V drop @12A is not easy. Furthermore, the evaluation module uses MBRS330T3G which is 3A rated and has 0.6V @10A pulse. In my application I have placed SMAJ12A-E3/5A as TVS+Free-wheeling diode. I also have CSD16570 as reverse blocking FET between Out pin of TPS24750 and my connector pin. The reverse blocking FET also relaxes the protection diode requirements by its body diode drop. In a hard short circuit case I expect maximum 3A currents where SMA clamps to ~1V. The reverse FET has a drop around 0.4V. Do you think momentarily (<10us) exceeding the absolute maximum spec of -0.3V at output pin and reaching -0.5V, -0.6V is a problem? I expect to turn some internal protection diodes of TPS24750 ON for a very short time, but it should not be a problem hopefully.

Kind regards,