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UCC27210: Continuous output current and power supply to support it

Part Number: UCC27210
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: DRV8301, DRV8353,

Hi there,

I have some experience with smart motor controller drivers such as the DRV8301 or DRV8353 which claim very high peak drive currents e.g 1.7A, but if you look in the datasheet the total continuous drive current is limited to 30mA and 25mA respectively which becomes the total average current when driving Mosfets at high frequency. 

My question is:

1. If I use the UCC27210 as a gate driver for the power mosfets instead, can it provide its 4A/4A source sink currents continuously and does that equate to 4A average drive current at high frequency?  If not then what would the max continuous drive current be when switching at high frequency?

2. In order to achieve these high drive currents, I am assuming that 12V supply for this chip also needs to be able to provide 4A continuous? There is no mention of this info in the datasheet.

Many thanks,


  • Hi Steven,

    Thanks for reaching out.

    1. Please refer to the attached document, the driver's peak current rating occurs during the rising (source current) and falling (sink) edges of the gate signal. This is a "pulsed current" rather than a continuous current. In order to turn-on/off the gate, high peak current is only needed during these periods for very brief periods of times (ns).

     2. If you're driving MOSFETs, you do not need the driver to continuously 4A current, there is no such driver in the market. You simply need a 12V bias supply with adequate decoupling capacitors to ensure FETs on/off times. Please refer to Figure 20 and Table 3 in the datasheet.