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UCC27524: how to select a suitable driver

Part Number: UCC27524
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: UCC27528, UCC28950

Hi team,

I am designing a 1500W phase-shifted full bridge, and I want to use two dual-channel low-side gate drivers to drive four MOSFETs with transformer coupling.

1, How to choose a gate driver based on switching frequency, maximum VDS and current level? Like in my case, fsw=100k, Vdsmax=800V, IDMAX=3A. 

2, UCC27524 and UCC27528 has very similar characteristics, what is the difference between them?

Best regards

  • Hello,

    Thanks for your interest in our drivers.

    The drivers are similar in terms of gate drive strength 5A, operating range VDD=20V, and non-inverting channels.

    The main difference is the input stage structures where UCC27524, TTL input type is better suited for fast dv/dt input signals while UCC27528 has CMOS type input structure compatible with slow dv/dt signals on INx pins.

    For that reason, UCC27524 will be better suited for a gate drive transformer application given your specifications above.

    Feel free to forward any available schematic/PCB layout for review to ensure best performance out of the driver.

    Please let us know if you have additional questions.



  • Hello Mamadou, 

    Thanks for your reply.

    1, If I use C2000 to give driving pulses, which one should i choose?And if I use an analog chip like UCC28950,  which one should i choose?. 

    2, Why gate drive transformer applications have a fast dv/dt? Isn't dv/dt determined by the PWM generated by the control chip?

    3, Can I choose a gate driver with a lower peak current like 3A? What Vdsmax and fsw requires 5A peak current?

    Best regards

  • Hello, 

    1. UCC27524 will compatible with PWM signals therefore both C2000 and UCC28950 while UCC27528 accept slow dv/dt signal common for applications with RCD circuits on driver's input. 

    2. Yes I mean by dv/dt signal the PWM generated by control chip which feeds the gate driver's input.

    3. Peak current is independent of Vds and fsw but rather load or Qg,total (number of MOSFETs) being driven as peak current influence how fast the gate can turn-on/off. UCC27524 is actually our best candidate for gate drive transformer.