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CCS/TPS23880: what's the port configuration for TPS23880 bt mode

Part Number: TPS23880
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: TPS23881

Tool/software: Code Composer Studio

Hi All,

I want to config one tps23880 to bt mode(4 ports),  

The example code from slvc709c  is :

sysPortNum1 = tps_RegisterPort (tps2388x_i2cAddList[0], TPS238X_PORT_1);
sysPortNum2 = tps_RegisterPort (tps2388x_i2cAddList[0], TPS238X_PORT_2);
sysPortNum3 = tps_RegisterPort (tps2388x_i2cAddList[0], TPS238X_PORT_3);
sysPortNum4 = tps_RegisterPort (tps2388x_i2cAddList[0], TPS238X_PORT_4);

sysPortNum5 = tps_RegisterPort (tps2388x_i2cAddList[1], TPS238X_PORT_1);
sysPortNum6 = tps_RegisterPort (tps2388x_i2cAddList[1], TPS238X_PORT_2);
sysPortNum7 = tps_RegisterPort (tps2388x_i2cAddList[1], TPS238X_PORT_3);
sysPortNum8 = tps_RegisterPort (tps2388x_i2cAddList[1], TPS238X_PORT_4);

But I only have 4 ethernet ports, what's the setting for tps_RegisterPort?

  • Hi Tom, we have forwarded this to appropriate engineer who can support. Please note it is US holiday so there may be a delay in our E2E response. Thank you!

  • Hi Tom,

    The code you copied is just mapping the variables to the PSE port numbers, not configuring anything. You will need to configure register 0x29 to set all ports to 4 pair and 90W(write 0xFF to register 0x29). BTW, we recommend TPS23881 for BT applications as it uses 200mohm sese resistor and has better performance with lower cost. Thanks.

    Best regards,


  • Hi Penny,

    When I initial my tps23880(one piece ) all ports to 4 pair, my setting is:


    Can you tell me what's the setting in the semi-auto mode to let
    phy ports map to PoE port?

    I want to do power management, so I need to call the function "tps_GetPortDetectRequestedClassStatus(sysPortNum, &detectStatus, &classStatus ,target)" to get ports event and call the function
    to get the port status.

    When I connect my PD to phy port1, which PoE port I need to read?
    (tps2388x_GetPortPowerEnableStatus(TPS238X_PORT_1 )
    (tps2388x_GetPortPowerEnableStatus(TPS238X_PORT_2 )
    or all of those ports?

  • Hi Tom,

    The software uses TPS2388x's default configuration Alt A mode: channel 1-4 use I2C address 0x20 and channel 5-8 use I2C address 0x21. And your 0x29 configuration sets 4 BT ports:

    1. Port 1: channel 1&2, I2C address 0x20
    2. Port 2: channel 3&4, I2C address 0x20
    3. Port 3: channel 5&6, I2C address 0x21, (when reading registers, it is channel 1&2 of address 0x21)
    4. Port 4: channel 7&8, I2C address 0x21, (when reading registers, it is channel 3&4 of address 0x21)

    The sysPortNum1 to sysPortNum8 match channel 1-8. Thanks.

    Best regards,