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LM1085: Datasheet error

Part Number: LM1085

Hi Team,

We received inquiry from customer that our device LM1085 pin is not the same as indicated in the datasheet. For me to not miss anything, Ill copy the query below.

We have in our lab the LM1085 ADJUSTABLE in TO-220 and TO-263 package. In our tests, the TO-220 package has the pins reversed according to the datasheet (input is pin 1, ADJ/GND is pin 3), and the TO-263 (input = pin 3, ADJ/GND = pin 1) package has pinning like the one in the datasheet. Can you please clarify?

Marking: 9AA739UG3, LM1085, IT-ADJ

I attached file where they do the testing in LM1085.

Kindly confirm this issue. Thank you and looking forward for your kind response.



lm1085 (1).zip

  • Maynard,

    I was able to verify the pinout of the LM1085 in the TO-220 package shown in the datasheet is in fact correct by reviewing the wire bond diagram of the device. 

    Can you please provide additional details regarding the issue the customer is seeing here? Based on the images provided, it appears that VOUT is not changing when they are adjusting the potentiometer which is being used as R2.

    Note based on the configuration and resistor values shown in the schematic (and leveraging the equation showing in Figure 13 of the datasheet, VOUT will not vary much. You will need to lower R1 if you want to see a larger variation on the output voltage. 

  • Hi Blake,

    Thank you for your kind response.

    In the image that provided, the pins 1 and 3  are reversed during the test and the pot was not touched.  

    The customer thinks that the device they received was a bad batch. Kindly confirm this, 


    Thank you!



  • Maynard,

    Unfortunately we cannot validate/verify this reported abnormal behavior through the standard E2E forums or with the information provided.

    If the customer suspects they received material that is abnormal you can submit a customer support ticket to either validate the material is TI material or submit a return request. You can see further details about either of these processes using the links below. Note is this material was received via an authorized distributor they will need to go through the distribution channel to proceed with the request.