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Clocking (and synchronising) three parallel BOOST Converters 120 degrees apart

Other Parts Discussed in Thread: SN74HC175

Does Texas Instruments have a three phase clock generator ic to clock three interleaved Boost Converters 120 degrees apart?

It should work from a 5V supply rail, if possible.

Thank you.

  • Stephan,

    As far as I know, there's no monolithic IC from TI which performs this function. Most of our clock generator ICs are for clocking data converters or processors, and are designed for 3.3V rails; it would be difficult to repurpose one for three-phase clock generation without level-shifting. Moreover, they all require programming over a SPI or I2C interface, which might be beyond the scope of your application.

    I have three suggestions for you:

    1. Consider asking the question to the power management forums as well - it might be possible to provide the analog ports of a multiphase converter or controller such that it operates as though it were a three-phase clock generator. I also know that some TI controllers have the ability to coordinate power phases without some orchestrating clock generator IC, so that may be of interest to you.
    2. If you need something inexpensive, and can provide a clock at 6x the converter operating frequency, it's trivial to make your own interleaved controller from a triple D flip-flop like SN74HC175:

      If you have space for a 2-input AND gate, and your application allows 33% duty cycle, you only need a clock at 3x output frequency:

    3. If you have a microcontroller available in the system, you could likely generate the required three-phase clock from that, instead of using a dedicated IC.


  • Stephan,

    Quick clarification: since this appears to be the power management forum already, if you ask again I recommend requesting someone from boost converters specifically. Your question was assigned to the clocks and timing group, which I previously mentioned is focused on data converter and processor clocking.


  • Derek,

    Thank you for your detailed and informative answer. I will also send it to the Boost Converter section.