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BQ27530-G1: Questions about CC Offset, CC Delta, CC Gain- Transitioning from EV2300/bq27530-G1 SW to EV2400/bqstudio- question about CC Offset counts vs. mA

Part Number: BQ27530-G1
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: BQSTUDIO, , EV2400, BQ27531-G1

I'm sorry- I realized that I missed a question related to my thread "Questions about CC Offset, CC Delta, CC Gain- Transitioning from EV2300/bq27530-G1 SW to EV2400/bqstudio" 

I noticed that in my .gg file from the EV2300/ bq27530 v1.04 eval software displays the CC Offset value in mA (ie -0.66 mA) while the CC Offset value from the EV2400/bqStudio displays the value in counts (ie -1400). 

Is it possible for TI to provide the formula to convert mA to counts? I would like to create a new .gg.csv file that matches the parameters in my .gg file. 

  • Hi Karen,

    You can export the .gg from bqstudio data memory tab.

    Best regards,

  • Hi Nick, 

    Thanks for your response. I'd like to clarify my question and I hope you will follow-up.

    I know how to export the .gg from the bqstudio memory tab.Bqstudio displays CC offset in counts and the bq27530 v1.04 software displays CC offset in counts.

    I have a .gg file (for the bq27530 v1.04 eval software, not compatible with bqstudio) that has a CC Offset value of -0.66 mA, and I want to create a new .gg.csv file (in the format accepted by bqstudio) that has a CC Offset value equivalent to -0.66 mA, in counts. I don't have access to the gauge used to create the original .gg file, so I am trying to figure out what the CC Offset value would be in counts. I also understand that the CC offset is automatically calibrated by the gauge in bqStudio--- I am specifically asking about the mA to counts conversion so that I can create a .gg.csv file that is in all ways identical to my original .gg file. 

    Is the conversion from mA to counts linear?

    Using another bq27530-G1 gauge (NOT the one used to create my original .gg file), I have read a CC Offset of -0.69 mA in bq27530 eval SWv1.04 and -1436 counts on that same gauge in bqstudio. If the mA to counts conversion is linear, I could solve for the counts equivalent to the -0.66 mA in my file: 

    -0.69 mA/-1436 counts = -0.66 mA/ X counts, X= -1374 counts

    Thank you very much for your help! 


    Karen B 

  • Hello Karen,

    The CC offset will be done automatically by the gauge during certain conditions:

    From the bq27531-G1 TRM (used as reference for both gauges)

    B. During normal gas gauge operation when the I 2C clock and data lines are low for more than 5 seconds and AverageCurrent( ) is less than Sleep Current in mA, then an automatic CC Offset calibration is performed. This takes approximately 16 seconds and is much more accurate than the method in calibration mode.

    It is not critical to import the value, default should be fine.


    Wyatt Keller

  • Thanks Wyatt. 

    So, are you saying that the CC Offset value in my .gg file is going to be ignored by the gauge when I "write" a .gg file? 

  • Hello Karen,

    It is not ignored, it will just be updated when the auto calibration conditions are met, so it is not critical to updated it with the .gg file.


    Wyatt Keller

  • Thanks Wyatt. 

    When I "Read all" in the Data Memory and I read the CC Offset value, does calibration occur?