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BQ25887: Where is the chapter "8.3.10 Battery protection" of the datasheet ?

Part Number: BQ25887

Hello everybody,

I use the bq25887 to charge two batteries pack separated.

I need to know the properties of the battery protection system but the chapter is empty. 

Where is the chapter "8.3.10 Battery protection" of the datasheet ?


  • Hi Sebastien,

    Sorry about that.  The pdf generation for this datasheet had an issue.  Below is what it should say.

    8.3.10 Battery Protection Battery Over-Voltage Protection (BATOVP)

    The battery over-voltage limit is clamped at 4% above the battery cell voltage while charging. When battery over-voltage occurs, the charger device immediately disables charge. The fault register BATOVP_STAT bit goes high and an INT pulse is asserted to signal the host. The battery regulation voltage can be changed by JEITA_VSET bits and battery temperature, but BATOVP set point will not change. Battery Over-Discharge Protection

    When the battery is discharged below VBAT_SHORT_HYS, the BATFET is turned off to protect battery from overdischarge. To recover from over-discharge, an input source is required at VBUS. When an input source is plugged in, the BATFET turns on. The battery is charged with IBAT_SHORT current when the VBAT < VBAT_SHORT, or pre-charge current as set in IPRECHG registers when the battery voltage is between VBAT_SHORT and VBAT_LOWV.