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TPS2116: TPS2116 Schematic Review

Part Number: TPS2116

Hi Sir,

Here is schmatic of TPS2116, would you pls help review and answer questions as below? thanks.

  1. Output need have 100uF capacitor? can I change to 10uF?
  2. Can I set PR1=4.5V for HI?

Thanks, Ian.

  • Hi Ian,

    1. There is no specification for the output capacitor. It is dependent on the mount of output voltage drop you can handle during switchover.

    2. What do you mean by this? Do you wish the PR1 to go high when the input is 4.5V or is your question about 4.5V being an acceptable voltage on the PR1 pin?

    If you want the PR1 to go high when VIN is 4.5V, the resistor divider network has to be changed to set PR1= 1V when VIN=4.5V by making R415= 35kOhm and R418=10kOhm. 

    If your question was that if PR1 = 4.5V is acceptable, then yes this voltage is acceptable but IN1 will be prioritized whenever PR1 reaches 1V. PR1 lower than 0.92V will result in IN2 being prioritized.

    What is the goal of using the BJT on the ST pin? ST is an open drain pin and will pull to GND whenever IN2 is selected.