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CSD19535KTT: Protection around Mosfet for BLDC power stage

Part Number: CSD19535KTT
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: CSD19536KTT, TIDM-1003, TIDA-00281, TPS54560


I am designing a BLDC power stage around CSD19536KTT Mosfet with this :

As you see it is a very minimum design, when looking at TIDA 00281 I saw that there are a lot of "protection" around mosfet :

My questions :

1) Since CSD1953x are not pretty new component I was wondering Is there are any Mosfet which include these type of protections ?

2) These  components (RCD and TVS) does really improve performance and protection ? and what is your recommendations

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  • Hello,

    Thanks for your interest in TI FETs. I was not involved TIDA-00281 design. The schematics include multiple protections for the power MOSFETs which may or may not be required for your particular application. TI does not make any FETs with these protection features integrated into the device. This reference design is intended for a 12V/48V automotive battery system where there are transient requirements which dictate the use of these protection components. They may not be necessary for your application depending on the system requirements. The TIDM-1003 reference design does not include these protection components. If you can share your requirements, I can review with my colleagues to determine if they are necessary.

  • Hello John,

    Thanks for your answer, my system requirement and specs are as follow :

    BLDC Motor with 100 Amps Peak current powered by 48 Volts

    My System is powered by 48 Volts external power supply, 12 Volts comes from TPS54560 (48V in, 12V out) and mosfet driver are UCC22789 (changed recently), Mosfet are CSD19536KTT, 25 Khz PWM.

    1) Do I need special protection around these mosfet ?

    2) If needed is there are more "modern" mosfet with same characteristics ?

    Best Regards

  • Hello,

    Thanks for sharing your requirements. TI does not make any FETs with integrated protection. If the 48V input is well regulated and there are no transient requirements, then I would not recommend the RCD snubber. Instead, I would recommend a simple R-C snubber to control ringing that can be populated if necessary. A diode on the HO/LO outputs of the driver IC may be required to clamp any over voltage or under voltage. I will forward this to the driver IC apps team so they can comment.

  • Hello, 

    We have used BAT54 in the past with our driver for output stage protection.



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