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LM5160-Q1: LM5160-Q1

Part Number: LM5160-Q1

Dear Team , 

LM5160-Q1 IC is used in our design , We are switching at 350Khz frequency , Because of switching , We are seeing more oscillation in the output , Planned to provide snubber circuit to reduce the oscillation across Mosfet , As Mosfet is inbuilt , Need your team support , is it possible to provide snubber ? if so , at what place we can provide to reduce the Switching period oscillations .

  • Hello,

    What is the magnitude of this ring?

    Is it evident during the high side turn on of the device?

    Can you share the oscilloscope capture of this? Ensure that tip and barrel method is used to measure switch node.

    Also, if ring on switch node is a problem, the placement of the input capacitor and input capacitance part number selection 

    The above will determine how damping circuit will be designed.

  • magnitude (peak to peak) come around 74V , I will add the scope image of Vsw pin monitoring , check and guide me , input capacitor plays a great role here?  we have used ceramic capacitor 15uF in the input side .   i want to minimize  the oscillation , which part if i change will help me to reduce the oscillation , 32Mhz is the frequency of oscillation .

  • Hello Nirmal,

    Is it correct that you are measure >20Vpp ring ?!?

    That is quite large.

    Did you use tip and barallel probe method on Sw node measurement? Alternatively, you can use differential probe if you have it available to you to ensure appropriate measurement.

    Input capacitor placement and selection places a huge role, regardless.  A 15uF bulk ceramic is satisfactory for supporting low frequency ripple suspression, though, in addition, I recommend placement of 0603 100nF right next to device pin Vin and IC GND.

  • Hello, has an updated measurement been done? What is the status of your debug?