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UCC3895: UCC3895

Part Number: UCC3895
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: , UCC28951, UC1875-SP

I am designing a Phase Shift Full Bridge Power supply. I will be using the UCC3895 device. I am also taking some tips from one of the TI Eval boards using the UCC3895. The board name is UCC3895EVM-001. The document for this eval is SLUU109B. My question is simple, on page 5 there is a schematic. Is there a clearer schematic available, as the schematic on PAGE 5 of the documentation is poor.

I'm interested in the two pins that drive the small transformer towards U4. I have read the page 3, and it states the OUTA and OUTB are driving this transformer. I'm sure these pins matter as how they connect to this transformer.

Thanks for any help.

Thomas Flack

  • Hi Thomas,

    if you need to use the Synchronous Rectifier portion , you can consider the UCC28951 , it is the latest phase shift full bridge IC , and it also has SR controller signal , so it is better that UCC3895 for your application.

  • Hi Thomas,

    by the way , you can refer the picture as below.

  • Yes, this resolved my initial question. Yes, I am very aware of the UCC28951. I wish I could use it, unfortunately it does not come in SPACE GRADE. Also note, the UCC3895 is not SPACE GRADE. Fortunately the UC1875-SP is SPACE GRADE and is a very close cousin to the UCC3895. There is NO SPICE MODEL for the UC1875-SP either. So, my solution is to use the UCC3895 for prototype simulation, put two 20-PIN foot-prints on the board and be able to flip the two devices on my prototype  board.

    In conclusion, the UC1875-SP, does not have an SR feature either, so once more its looks like the UCC3895. So now you can see my interest in the details of this schematic.

    It would be nice if you can send the whole CLEAR schematic.

    Thanks for the help.

    Thomas L Flack