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BQ2970: Question about consumption current and MOSFET requirement

Part Number: BQ2970

Hi expert,

My customer has some questions on bq29700.

Q1 : From datasheet spec, is this Iq including COUT/DOUT driving current in I_normal? Or could you kindly provide test condition for it? 

Q2 : Do we have limitation on MOS Ciss value?

Q3 : Is there any condition that resistor(330ohm) between Pack+ to VBAT damaged? 

Best regards,

Ann Lien

  • Q1: Since COUT/DOUT aren't switching consistently, I'd say the Iq listed does include COUT/DOUT during the switch sequence of having to sink/source the protection FET's gate capacitance.

    Q2: There is no limitation for the Ciss, however the critera for the FET is: Vdss = 25 V, Each FET Rds ON = 7.5 mΩ at Tj = 25°C and Vgs = 3.5 V

    Q3: There shouldn't be any reason for it to get damaged. It's there to serve as a RC filter for noise and sharp negative transients, and to limit current during reverse connection.

    Nabil Mohammad