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TINA/Spice/TPS40322: Single Output Simulation Problem

Part Number: TPS40322

Tool/software: TINA-TI or Spice Models

Hello Team,

I change the TI TINA reference design of TPS40322 to single output as shown in TPS40322 datasheet Figure 29. Design Example 2, Two-Phase Converter Schematic. There is a error message showing convergence problem in TINA transient simulation.

May I know if I miss anything in below circuit simulation?

Or can TPS40322 TINA model be ran as two-phase circuit?

TPS40322_Single Output.tsc

Thank you.



  • Hi Ting,

    Looks like this is simulation problem, not model and part problem.
    What's the purpose of this simulation? Maybe I can provide some information.

  • In reply to Qian Chen:

    Hello Qian,

    I would like to see if I could observe high side gate voltage (TG) to TGR overshoot when setting gate series resistor (RG) to 0-ohm with 30A to 0A dynamic load in single output mode.
    May I know if there is a time frame to have a single output TPS40322 simulation?

    Thank you.
  • In reply to Ting Ye:

    Hi Ting, 

    The gate driver overshoot is more related to parasitic impedance in layout, SW voltage spike, high-side FET Cgd. 

    I don't think TINA model is not a good method to simulate this. 

    As long as the gate drive trace in layout is optimized and SW voltage spike is controlled, there should be no concern on high-side gate drive overshoot.