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BQ34110: Learn FCC Update Limit

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Part Number: BQ34110

Hello again,

After running multiple logging discharge cycles, I have noticed that FCC never updates itself by more than 256 mAh. In the BQ34110 TRM, it says "FCC cannot be reduced by more than FCC Learn Down or increased by more than FCC Learn Up during any single update cycle". "FCC Learn Down" and "FCC Learn Up" are bolded and italicized, which I assumed meant that they are data flash parameters that can be altered. However, there is no such parameter in BQStudio, and there is no other mention of these parameters elsewhere in the TRM. 

Is it possible to increase the FCC Learn Down/Up limit to greater than 256 mAh? Or, if the parameter has only enough space for a 1-byte number, is there a way to turn off the limit entirely? I am asking this because it is clear that our batteries have a full charge capacity that is significantly lower than the Learned Full Charge Capacity reported by the chip (after fully charging, the RC value is approximately 5 Ah, while the learned FCC is approximately 7.8 Ah). I know that Learned Full Charge Capacity is a data flash parameter that can be changed, but I would rather let the chip measure it automatically, just in case our charger isn't working properly somehow. At the same time, I don't want to have to do 6 or 7 charging and discharging cycles because the Learned FCC can only update 256 mAh at a time.

Thanks again for any advice you can give.