TINA/Spice/LM3488: TINA/Spice/LM3488

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Part Number: LM3488

Tool/software: TINA-TI or Spice Models

I am trying simulate the LM3488 in a boost configuration with VIN supplied from another source. The input voltage is 1.3 VDC with the output voltage set to 4VDC. The simulation works fine if I don't load the output. As soon as a load is applied the output drops to near 0 volts and the MOSFET gate drive stays high. There is also a large (and not unexpected) increase in the MOSFET current. It's at this point that the LM3488 stops driving the MOSFET. Schematic and simulation results attached.2480.SCHEMATIC1 _ PAGE1.pdf

4 Replies