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TL780: LDO recommendation

Part Number: TL780

Hi Team,

I am trying to find an IC with specs below:

Vin max >= 18V, Vout = 5V, Current >= 0.1A, accuracy = ± 1% (full temp range), the best package is SOT-89 (while other packages are also OK)

I only find one device TL780, while the accuracy is not ± 1% in full temp range, do you have some LDOs for recommendation? 

THX a lot.

  • Hi Yang,

    I am not aware of an LDO with both a wide input range and ±1% accuracy over the full operating temperature. One option to overcome this is to step down the input voltage to around 6V using a switching converter or another LDO. This intermediate voltage can then be converted to the required 5V output by one of TI's many high-accuracy LDOs, like the TPS7A90, which maintains 1.0% accuracy over its full operating temperature range.

    Gerard Copeland