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BQ24250: current termination setting ignored

Part Number: BQ24250

Hi Charger Team,

We have a strange behavior of the IC in the following situation: if the temperature is inside the T_cold – T_cool area while charging, then it looks like that the current termination setting (ITERM in register #4) is being completely ignored. It means the IC regulates the voltage to VBATREG but doesn’t stop charging (even if I_charge=0A the IC doesn’t go to ready or done state.

We are driving the IC in I²C mode and in other temperature areas this is working fine so we don’t understand what we are doing wrong here (ITERM is not changed and the register content is correct and unchanged). Can you please check this behavior and provide us a feedback? As a workaround now, we are disabling TS and re-enabling it every 2s to check temperature status. When TS is disabled then charging stops at the correct ITERM setting (in our case 100mA).


Best wishes,