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LMZM33603: About external sync signal

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Part Number: LMZM33603


Could you tell me about external sync signal?
The following contents are described in the data sheet.

Are there any restrictions on the duty ratio of the external sync signal?
Is it OK to understand that there is no Duty restriction if it is 100 nsec pulse or more?

Synchronous signal is added by AC coupling.
Therefore, the offset value varies depending on the duty ratio.
Customer is concerned about the above.

Could you give me your advice?

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  • Hi Tsukui,

    The offset value varies depending on the duty ratio is not important as the internal circuit only monitor the positive peak to negative peak value, the time constant of Csync and Rent//Renb is more important in this application. Rent//Renb should be in the 100K range.

    B R


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