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TPS61099: TPS61099 CB test certificate

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Part Number: TPS61099

Hi Team,

could you please kindly provide TPS61099 CB IEC60950-1 or EN60950-1 certificate report? we need provide to cusotmer and we can't find the relevant information on website.

  • Hi Tommy:

    Thanks for your asking. Please wait me to check with team. 

    Best Regards


  • Hi Tommy,

    it is the first time I met such request, so I would like to know what is about. is it about the material of the IC or any other requirement.

    is it a must-have requirement for every power IC? or just TPS61099

    Best Regards

    Jasper Li
    Boost Converter Solution 

  • In reply to Jasper Li:

    Hi Jasper,

    thanks for you remind

    i have asked the customer support center and told me that this report will not be available for this section.

  • In reply to Tommy Tzeng:

    Hi Tommy,

    I closed the post as the issue is solved. if not ,just reply below

    Best Regards

    Jasper Li
    Boost Converter Solution