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BQ27750: Question regarding calibration values of BQ27750

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Hello community,

during development of a new product which includes the TI BQ27750 chip we were facing that the device performs an autocalibration for the "cc auto offset" parameter from time to time.
From the BQ27750 technical reference document we now know that this autocalibration will be performed on entry to sleep mode.

The question is if the following parameters behaves equal to the "cc auto offset": 

"cell gain",
"pack gain",
"cc gain",
"capacity gain"

I want to check if these parameters will be more or less dynamic changed via auto calibration when customer use our product or if these parameters are fixed and will only be calibrated one time during development?

If you need more informations to answer my question please feel free to ask me.

Many thanks in advance and with best regards,


  • Hello Marcel,

    The calibration is for the offset. The gain parameters are using the calibration GUI.

  • In reply to Kang Kang:

    Hello Kang Kang,

    many thanks for your reply.

    We already know that the calibration will be performed for the offset.

    But the question is if those parameters described above behaves like the "cc auto offset" paramerter which will be calibrated automatically when device entry to sleep mode or under any other conditions.

    Let me try to frame my question another way:

    Will the values of the parameters described above be changed during product lifetime automatically (due to auto-calibration or something else) or are these fix values and only be configured one time at the beginning "by hand".

    Best regards,


  • In reply to Marcel Fischer:

    hI Marcel

    The autocalibration only occurs for cc offset. The rest of the paramaters you listed stay constant and do not get automatically updated. Are you seeing them automatically updated without you running a calibration routine?



  • In reply to Onyx Ahiakwo:

    Hi Onyx,

    short question, short answer - many thanks! :-)

    I don't see any troubles at the moment it was more a general question which you have fully answered.

    Thank you and best regards,