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LMR23630: Looking for Higher Input Voltage Rated Part with Same Pinout

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Part Number: LMR23630

I have a board designed with the LMR23630ADDA but after assembling and looking at tolerances I realized that my input voltage can be greater than 36V. The input voltage comes from a half wave rectified 24VAC transformer which is (24VAC * pi *.45) ~34VDC but in reality the transformer outputs 27VAC yielding ~38VDC plus ripple. I believe that this is causing the regulator to blow.

I took a look but could not find a regulator with the same SOIC-8 pinout. It seems that I was unlucky in choosing this part, not only because of my oversight on the input voltage rating but also because it seems the pinout of this part is different than almost every other part that I looked at.

I'm hoping maybe I just overlooked something and that someone who knows the product line knows another part that I can drop in. The regulator will be generating 3.3V and probably close to 500mA 

  • Hi,

    We will reply you next Monday.

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    Neal Zhang

  • In reply to Neal Zhang:

    LMR36510 is 60V part in SO8 package but not pin2pin compatible . 

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    Neal Zhang

  • In reply to Neal Zhang:

    Hi Neal,

    So does this mean that there aren't any pin2pin compatible parts to the LMR36510?



  • In reply to George Ioakimedes:

    Hi George,

    I mean I didn't see pin2pin part with LMR23630 that can satisfy your requirement, so I recommend LMR36510. For LMR36510, there is different voltage and current devices pin2pin, such as LMR36520/LMR33620/LMR33630

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    Neal Zhang