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CCS/UCD3138HSFBEVM-029: Power management forum

Part Number: UCD3138HSFBEVM-029
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: UCD3138064

Tool/software: Code Composer Studio

Hi everyone, i need to generate dpwm waveform ,for this i have referred videos in ti website, but couldn't able to get dpwm waveform.  Could you please tell me is there any necessary hardware connection get dpwm waveforms. I have atttached the code, is there any changes to make in code?


#define MAIN 1
#include "system_defines.h"
#include "Cyclone_Device.h"
#include "pmbus_commands.h"
#include "pmbus_common.h"
#include "pmbus_topology.h"
#include "variables.h"
#include "function_definitions.h"
#include "software_interrupts.h"
#include "cyclone_defines.h"
#include "stdio.h"
#define PCLK_PERIOD         4.0e-9
#define PERIOD_SECONDS      10.0e-6
#define PERIOD_CLK          ((int)(PERIOD_SECONDS/PCLK_PERIOD)<<4)
#define EVENT1              (int)(PERIOD_CLK*0.00)
int ram_event2;
void inti_dpwm(void)
    Dpwm0Regs.DPWMCTRL0.bit.PWM_MODE = 0;  // Set to normal mode
    Dpwm0Regs.DPWMCTRL0.bit.CLA_EN = 0;
    Dpwm0Regs.DPWMPRD.all = PERIOD;
    Dpwm0Regs.DPWMEV1.all = EVENT1;
    Dpwm0Regs.DPWMCTRL0.bit.PWM_EN = 1;
    LoopMuxRegs.GLBEN.bit.DPWM0_EN = 1;
void main()
    if(GioRegs.FAULTIN.bit.FLT3_IN == 0)// Re-Check pin assignment (ADC_EXT/SYNC may be?)
#if (UCD3138|UCD3138064)
    MiscAnalogRegs.CLKTRIM.bit.HFO_LN_FILTER_EN = 0;
    MiscAnalogRegs.CSTRIM.bit.RESISTOR_TRIM =23; //28;
#endif //(UCD3138|UCD3138064)
    ram_event2 = Dpwm0Regs.DPWMEV2.all;
            Dpwm0Regs.DPWMEV2.all = ram_event2;


Thanking you.