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TPS546D24: Request a Design review for TPS546D24

Part Number: TPS546D24


I attached design file.

Could you review a design for below condition?


VIN : 12V

VOUT : 3.3V

IOUT : 40A

Best Regards.

  • Hi, I will get somebody back here to support you. Sorry for the late response.

  • Hi Ryan

    I'm waiting your response.

    Best Regards


    The TPS546D24 has design review tools including a power stage and compensation design guide, pin-strap resistor programming, and a schematic check-list in the MySecure Software folder for the TPS546D24 device.  If you are using the TPS546D24, you will need to request access to the MySecure Software folder on

    If you go to the TPS546D24 product folder you will see a "Request Now" link to request access.

    We have a newer, pin to pin compatible device, the TPS546D24A that uses the same power stage, same control, and can use the same schematic with different MSEL1, MSEL2, VSEL, and ADRSEL resistors.  It's power stage design and pin strap resistor programming selection tools are available through TI's public website.

    It is hard to read the schematic due to the resolution, which makes a review difficult, but it looks like everything is in place. 

    The UVLO divider looks like it has a pretty high UVLO level, I calculate 9.73V nominally, with only about 100mV of hysteresis, so you might want to double check that values.

    I can not read all of the values on the input capacitors, but there should be at least 1 2.2-10nF 0402 bypass capacitor to provide high frequency PVIN to PGND bypassing.

    For the Output Power Stage Design, without knowing your desired switching frequency (I can't read the MSEL1 resistor values)  or the required ripple and load transient requirements, I can't really comment.

    For the TPS546D24:

    MSEL1 selects the switching frequency and compensation - Use the correct part's design tool listed above because they are different.  I can't read the values from the schematic.

    MSEL2 selects the Soft-start time, Current Limit, and number of phases.  You have MSEL2 shorted to ground, which selects 3ms, 40A warning / 52A fault, and Single Phase.

    VSEL selects the boot voltage.  3.3V is a 36.5k resistor to AGND and 22.6k resistor to BP1V5

    The Schematic shows PMBus Address 24h, which can be selected with a 30.1k resistor to ground (Auto-detect)

    NOTE: The Pin Programming function on the TPS546D24 is not rated over the product life and the values must be stored to NVM and pin detection disabled as part of the production flow.  If your production flow does not allow for the disabling of Pin Detection and storing of the boot values to NVM, you must use the TPS546D24A, which will require different programming resistors than those listed above, thought the schematic otherwise remains the same.