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TPS65216: DCDC4 = 1.8V, Vin= 5V. What is the available output current

Part Number: TPS65216
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: TPS6521815


All of the datasheet specification are centered around DCDC4 Vout = 3.3V. With 5Vin and 3.3Vout there is 1.6A maximum output current.

What is the maximum output current for 5Vin and 1.8Vout?


  • Nick,

    DCDC4 internally is a buck-boost topology, so the table could be written in terms of deltaV (Vin - Vout), but DCDC4 is pre-programmed to operate at 3.3V in the TPS65216. Without re-programming the EEPROM memory, this table is still valid.

    If the DCDC4 voltage were changed to 1.8V, then at 5V input (5V-1.8V = 3.2V > 5V-3.3V = 1.7V) this buck-boost regulator would still be operate in buck-only mode so Iout = 1.6A

    Even at 3.3V input (3.3V - 1.8V = 1.5V), it is probably reasonable to say Iout = 1.6A still but it is not guaranteed.

  • Thank you for the quick response! One clarification, when you say:

    "DCDC4 is pre-programmed to operate at 3.3V in the TPS65216. Without re-programming the EEPROM memory, this table is still valid." 

    Is the customer able to re-program this value or does this need to be done with a custom OTP by TI?


  • Nick,

    The only thing preventing the customer from re-programming the TPS65216 device is that the instructions are not included in the datasheet.

    You can refer to the TPS6521815. The digital core and the instructions are the same.

    The difference between the parts is that the backup battery domain, two load switches, and 1 GPIO are not included in the TPS65216.