[FAQ] TPS92200: [FAQ] TPS92200: How to master TPS92200D1/D2 device in indusrials markets within five minutes?

Part Number: TPS92200

Hi TI Experts,

    I have found that TPS92200 is a very cost optimized device with good performance. And I want to use this in my new projects. Could you give me a quick introduction and design guideline for this device? Thanks.

  • Hi Sir,

        Yes, as you have mentioned, TPS92200 is a 1.5-A synchronous buck LED driver with 30-V maximum input voltage. By integrating the high-side and low-side NMOS switches, the TPS92200 device provides high power density with high efficiency in an ultra-small solution size. The TPS92200 device uses peak-current-mode control and full internal compensation to provide high transient response performance over a wide range of operating conditions.

        Here are some highlight points that I want to introduce to you as below:

        1. High Efficiency

            Due to the Synchronous topology, Low Rdson and Low FB volatge(99mV), it can achieve very high effciency as below:


        2. Flexible Dimming options

            TPS92200 can support very flexible dimming method which is suitable for the lots of application and markets:


            And there are some videso give you the clear understanding about the dimming performance:

            TPS92200D1 with Analog Dimming:

            Click here to play this video

            TPS92200D1 with PWM Dimming

            Click here to play this video

            TPS92200D2 with Analog Dimming

            Click here to play this video

        3. Full Protections

            TPS92200D1/D2 has integrated full protections with : LED Open; LED+ Short to GND; LED +/LED- Short Circuitry; Sense Resistor Open/ Short Protection; Thermal Shutdown.


        Market Application:

         TPS92200 is a very catalog device which can be used with below market, of cource, you cna find more application and market and share with us:


          For the battery charge application, please refer to this TI Reference Design: 1-s to 6-s, up to 1.5-A li-ion battery charger reference design with switching CC source

        Design Tools:

        And here are some useful tools and document that can help you accelerate your design and projects:

        1. External Calculation Tools which cna help you select the inductor, it needs to keep the inductor current ripple larger than the 300mA when you choose the inductor.

         TPS92200 Application Calculation V1.0.xlsx

        2. Loop consiredation, you cna refer to this application note: Loop Response Considerations for Peak Current Mode Buck LED Driver Application