BQ76952EVM: Averaging in BQStudio tool.

Part Number: BQ76952EVM
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Hi team,

I'm using BQ76952 EVM board. I'm trying to configure it using BQStudio tool. To get accurate cell voltage values, I want perform averaging.

How can I achieve it using BQStudio tool?

Is there any option for averaging these voltage values in the tool?

If so, how can I change the averaging value?



  • Hi Sushma,

    There isn't a way to average the readings in BQStudio. I recommend using the logging feature (click the 'Start Log' button on the Registers window) and then you can open the log file in Excel to perform averaging. 

    There are a few options you can use to select which values are logged and the logging frequency. Click the Window-> Preferences menu and select 'Show Advanced Views'. This will show a check mark next to each parameter so you can choose which ones to log. Then you can select Window->Preferences->Registers to change the logging frequency if needed. 

    Best regards,