TPS65265: Step Load Ripple

Part Number: TPS65265


I'm using TPS65265 power supply in my project and I have a problem with the ripple of the step load of 1.5A at VOUT2.

In my circuit I'm using the typical application parameter VOUT=1.5V, L=[4.7uF, 5.1A, 44.1mOhm DCR], Total capacity= 220uF (X7R), Loop Compensation Rc=6.8K, Cc=2.7nF, Cb=22pF. attached photo:

Before I planed the circuit I used the WebBench simulator but now the TPS65265 is not appear in the Webbench or PSpice.

Do you please make for me a simulation for kill the step load ripple as you can with change the Loop Compensation Rc, Cc, Cb parameter?

I can't adding more output capacitors and the value of the inductor seems ok.

attached photos of the step load ripple:

current ripple:

  • Hi, Shay 

    Confirm with you: Load step from 1.5A --> 0A, right?  

    Suggestion for improving load transient performance: 

    1. Suggest changing L2 to 2.2uH. 

    2. Enlarging R34 from 6.8kohm to 20kohm. 

    Then test again.