TPS3610: IBAT current

Q: TPS3610: IBAT current by 777384

I would like to know about IBAT.

IBAT is 0.5uA as MAX when Vout = Vbat on the electrical characteristics of datasheet. But Figure 1 describe IBAT is 100uA on page 6. A 100uA of IBAT is larger than the electrical characteristics.

Could you please let me know which value is correct?

A: Re: TPS3610U18: IBAT by 1090425

Both values are correct as they show different things.  The IC consumes an average current of less than 0.5uA maximum.  However, for very short times, it can draw up to 100uA as the battery voltage is sampled.  This sampling contributes 25us/200ms * 100uA = 12.5 nA to the 0.5uA battery current.