TPS3510 FPO malfunction - delay time

Q: TPS3510 FPO malfunction in customer MP stage by 4339

Hi experts,

We have TPS3510 issue.  The issue is that the response time of FPO (Pin3) is too long than the normal parts when VS5 (Pin6) enter UVP condition. These failure parts have different response time. We also test these failure parts in the bench and we can duplicate the same symptom. So we need advice to fix this issue ASAP.

I alos attached test waveforms for reference.

Good: 160us     Fail: 3.3sec

Thank you and regards

A: Re: TPS3510 FPO malfunction in customer MP stage by 313626

After reviewing schematic (not shown in this post) I noticed the customer has the TPS3510 PGO pin pulled up to 12V. The absolute maximum voltage shown in the datasheet for the PGO pin is 8V.  The customers test is invalid and most likely damaging the devices.  Applying voltages higher than the abs max to any pin can damage the device or cause unpredictable behavior.