TPS383x - CT pin termination

Q: TPS3836K33 "CT" pin (pin 1) by 9312

Hi Team,

The part is TPS3836K33 in the DBV package. The question is about the "CT" pin (pin 1).  I have a customer who in referencing to the application circuit on page 1 of the data sheet and wants to know what would happen if the pin is not connected to GND or VDD?

I've researched and identified information that states the CT pin is used to charge a capacitor to set the length of the reset signal.  Also that it has sensitive current sources and comparators are connected.  How will this play out if CT pin is not connected to GND or VDD and more importantly what would be the delay time?  

A: Re: TPS3836K33 "CT" pin (pin 1) by 1090425

I'm not sure where you found that the Ct pin can charge a capacitor.  On some other ICs it can, but on this IC it is a digital input that sets a fixed delay time.  It must be tied high or low.