Theta JA for TPS3106K33DBVR

Q: Theta JA for TPS3106K33DBVR by 1357036

I'm doing a thermal analysis of their STB design and need the Theta JA and max junc temperture Tj for the TPS3106K33.

Do we have this data? If yes, can you please share this with me?



Q: Re: Theta JA for TPS3106K33DBVR by 10449

Requests for thermal information are very common, so we already have many forum posts with guidance on how to get your requested information.  Basic forum searches on "Theta", "Thermal", "Theta JA", "ThetaJA" will return many of these posts that direct you to a website to request this information..  Another option which will be quicker and easier is to use already existing thermal parameters for a different IC that uses the same package as the TPS3106.  The power dissipation in your TPS3106 will be so small that it essentually turns out to be a "don't care" when doing thermal design.

Max junction temperature is always provided in the datasheet. 

Also, many older datasheets contain a "Dissipations Rating" table. The inverse of the "Derating factor" is the IC's Theta JA.