TPS3838J25 - can it be used at 3.3V instead of 2.5V

I see though that the datasheet has: VDD recommended operating condition to be  form 1.6 v to 6 volt Therefore, if TPS3838J25 VDD becomes 3.3V   , it is still below the recommended operating limit of 6V.

 Customer is wondering if that will cause any damage to it  by  raising the voltage to 3.3? Will is function correctly at such voltage.  

A: Re: Can the TPS3838J25 be used at 3.3V instead of 2.5V by 1090425

Yes, the only change in the different voltage options for this part is an internal voltage divider that sets the threshold voltage (Vit) of the /RESET output.  As long as Vdd is higher than the Vit, /RESET will be allowed to float.