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TMDSEVM6678: memory heap configuration error when using Ethernet boot mode.

Part Number: TMDSEVM6678

I am working on TMDSEVM6678 with processor_sdk_rtos_c667x_6_03_00_106, pdk_c667x_2_0_16
I test the example UART_BasicExample_C6678_c66xTestProject, i worked well when i flash from CCS IDE or boot throught ethernet boot mode.

but the problem happed when i chang the  the line in uart_testcfg file from      "Program.sectMap["systemHeap"]   =   Program.platform.stackMemory;"   to " Program.sectMap["systemHeap"]   =   "DDR3";

follow this thread
i see that DDR 3 was not config on the ethernet boot mode so i can understand the problem. But follow the  uart_test.cfg file it still use  "DDR3"  in this section  Program.sectMap[".fardata:benchmarking"].

i try to map it to another memory region like L2SRAM or  MSMCSRAM but it didn't work,  it show the error  " program will not fit into available memory.  run placement with alignment fails for section ".fardata:benchmarking" size 0x4000000", i also comment out it but it still error ( i want to comment out because i see that other project don't need to config it)

// here is a part of uart_test.cfg file

Program.sectMap["systemHeap"]   =   Program.platform.stackMemory;
Program.sectMap[".fardata:benchmarking"] = "DDR3";

So my question is
1. if DDR3 is not config why in config file  setting Program.sectMap[".fardata:benchmarking"] = "DDR3"; it still work?
2. if i keep the config line  " Program.sectMap[".fardata:benchmarking"] "  do have any error when running project, if have how do i resolve it?
3. How can i remove line  " Program.sectMap[".fardata:benchmarking"] "  because i see that other project don't use it?