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[FAQ] PROCESSOR-SDK-AM57X: How to create CCS projects provided by SDK for CUSTOMBOARD.



I have created customBoard library following all the steps mentioned here :

I am able to see library created for my customBoard at pdk/package/ti/board/lib/.

But, when I invoked projectcreate.bat from package folder for my customBoard, i am getting a error saying "ERROR: Board (customBoard) is invalid for the specified SOC (AM574x)".

Am i missing something?

Can you help with the steps for creating projects.

  • Hi,

    • There is a check for validating SOCs, Boards, Endianess, Module, etc. in pdkProjectCreate.bat file. The error you are getting is from BOARD check. You have to add your new board entry in this file also. You have to update the pdkProjectCreate.bat as follow:

    • Now, this will resolve your error, but even now you are not able to create any projects. The reason behind that is the working of pdkProjectCreate.bat. Whenever, you invoked the script, it will go to particular module folder inside pdk and search for .txt files and will generate examples from that file.
      • For example, if you give "pdkProjectCreate.bat AM574x iakAM574x little usb all", then the .txt files will be 
        • C:\ti\pdk_am57xx_1_0_17\packages\ti\drv\usb\example\bios\am57xx\USB_DevBulk_idkAM574x_armExampleProject.txt
        • C:\ti\pdk_am57xx_1_0_17\packages\ti\drv\usb\example\bios\am57xx\USB_DevMsc_idkAM574x_armExampleProject.txt
        • C:\ti\pdk_am57xx_1_0_17\packages\ti\drv\usb\example\bios\am57xx\USB_HostMsc_idkAM574x_armExampleProject.txt

                                    Thus, you see three projects getting created.

    • Similarly, if you want to create projects for your customBoard, you can create a similar file having your board name in it - so that the script can detect that file. Once this is done, the corresponding project will be created.
      • For example, 
        • Go to packages\ti\drv\usb\example\bios\am57xx\ and duplicate any(AM574) *AM574*.txt file(these are the configuration files for the examples)
        • In this case, duplicate USB_DevMsc_idkAM574x_armExampleProject.txt and rename as USB_DevMsc_customBoard_armExampleProject.txt.
        • Now, create the project by entering below command from package folder:
          • pdkProjectCreate.bat AM574x customBoard little usb all 
        • It will build that example for you.