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[FAQ] TDA4VM: How to provide different set of parameters in replicated node, like two look up table for LDC module

Part Number: TDA4VM

When a node is replicated in the OpenVX, the parameters passed to the node instance0 will reused for all the replicated node. Typically only input and/our output images are replicated in application to provide different instance of the image for each replicated node. 

This article explains how to provide different set of parameters for replicated nodes. It uses LDC as an example and provides different lookup table for each replicated LDC node.

  • Please find attach patch demonstrates how parameter could be different for each instance of the replicated node. I have taken here LDC node as an example and demonstrated how mesh table can be provided different for each instances. 

    Few points need to be taken care.

    • The parameter which requires to be different for each replicated node instance, has to be part of the object array. So Please create object array of the this parameter and provide index0 element while node creation time.
    • Each element of the object array can be accessed using vxGetObjectArrayItem API and then it can mapped in the application to provide different values. In this example, each lut instance is mapped in the application space and filled up with different lut table. 
    • When this node is replicated using vxReplicateNode API, please make sure to set vx_true_e for this parameter in the list of parameters passes to this API. In this example, 5th parameter is mesh image, so 5th flag is set to true in the replicate array.