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[FAQ] How do I create a SYS/BIOS based CCS project for AM335x/AM437x Cortex A8/A9 core?

Part Number: AM3359

I need to build a CCS project using SYS/BIOS for AM335x/AM437x devices. How can I get started?

  • The Code Composer Studio (CCS) has a project wizard which guides you to create a project. For detailed information about CCS project management, please refer to CCS User’s Guide.

    The steps given below show how to create a project compatible with Processor SDK RTOS 6.3 release (PDK 1.0.17) for AM335x/AM437x. The general principles apply to other platforms and/or different versions of SDK.

    1. Go to CCS -> File -> New -> Project ->  Code Composer Studio -> CCS Project, click Next.

    2. Fill in the necessary fields for the new project:

    • Choose the right target board. This example uses ICE_AM3359 EVM.
    • For compiler version, choose GNU 7.2.1 (linaro) which was used by PDK 1.0.17.
    • For project template, choose SYS/BIOS > GNU Target Examples > Typical.

    3. Click Next and choose products for this project:

    • Click SYS/BIOS and choose which was used by PDK 1.0.17.
    • In the XDCtools settings, put any text for Platform for now. Then click Finish.

    4. The project should be created now. Go to project properties -> General -> Products. Choose ti.platforms.evmAM3359 from the Platform drop down list. Then click Apply and Close.

    5. Build the project by right clicking the project and then click “Build Project”. The output executable is located in the Debug folder and has .out extension. Please note that SYS/BIOS will be automatically built for the target specified in step 2.

    6. Follow instructions here to set up the AM3359 ICE EVM.

    7. Load the .out file to the AM3359 ICE EVM. Step through the code and observe the execution. The code should enter main() and then Bios_start(), execute task taskFxn() and then go to idle.

    8. The System_printf messages can be checked using ROV, according to this BIOS FAQ.

    9. To make the System_printf messages displayed in CCS console:

    • Add the following line to app.cfg:

    var SemihostSupport = xdc.useModule('ti.sysbios.rts.gnu.SemiHostSupport');

    • Go to Project Properties and add symbol “rdimon” to linker libraries:

    • Rebuild the project and rerun it. Following should be displayed in CCS console:

    enter main()
    enter taskFxn()
    exit taskFxn()

    For a quick reference, the complete project including the pre-built executable .out file is