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66AK2H06: Pin-2-pin compatible replacement devices

Part Number: 66AK2H06


My customer is using 66AK2H06DAAW2 for production.
Due to recent supply shortage, they are looking for pin-2-pin replacement.
I knew 66AK2H06DAAWA2 was possible device, but this is also difficult to get.

I checked datasheet and found below parts as candidates.
Could you confirm they can be used as pin-2-pin replacement for 66AK2H06DAAW2?
(no HW/SW change is required)


Thanks and regards,
Koichiro Tashiro

  • Tashiro-san


    Will be pin to pin compatible, but by default the ARM will come up at 1.4GHz ( see the device nomenclature table in the datasheet)  and additionally these devices are tested to be able to run at 1.4GHz so their AVS profile and overall current draw maybe different. 

    So if your customer wants to evaluate these, they will need to do some limited unit testing to ensure the software and power requirements do not make these incompatible with their current design. 

    I do not recommend using K2H12, as those have additional # of DSP enabled and that might mean additional power draw , even though by default they maybe in idle. 

    All of them are pin compatible too. 

    Ofcourse given some are higher speed, different temperature grade and different # of CPUs , there will be price differences too. 



  • Hi Mukul,

    Thanks for your quick reply.

    by default the ARM will come up at 1.4GHz

    Could you clarify above point more in details?
    I understand these device can support ARM frequency up to 1.4GHz. But users need to configure PLL for 1.4GHz operation.
    Do you mean ARM frequency is automatically configured at 1.4GHz by default?

    Thanks and regards,
    Koichiro Tashiro

  • Hi Mukul,

    OK, I found below description is datasheet.

    So default ARM frequency is automatically configured and different just after power-up (1.2GHz vs 1.4GHz).
    If customer does not change it in their software, they cannot use these device without SW modification, right?

    Thanks and regards,
    Koichiro Tashiro 

  • That is correct.