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i've bought a new TMDSICE3359 and i'm trying to use the TIDEP0032 application on it. I've connected pins 2 and 3 of J18 and J19 to control the ethernet ports using PRU-ICSS mode but, when i connect the ethernet cable to my PC and i try to send some ethernet frames, the PRU doesn't receive any frame. What i'm doing wrong? Should i configure something else before using this application on this evaluation board?

  • Hi Andrea,

    Thanks for your question.

    Can you give us some more details on which software your run on ARM and PRU-ICSS, and the sequence you are testing? Please also let us know how you have tested that no Ethernet frame is received inside the PRU-ICSS?

    J18/J19 are correctly set, i.e. the label on the board shows MII mode.

    I also believe that you need to insert Ethernet packet into J2 (Ethernet 0) RJ45 port.



  • Hi Thomas,

    this is my HW and SW test set up:

    as i told you i'm using the eval board TMDSICE3359 and i've connected the board to my PC via ETH using the ETH0 port [where i've closed pins 2 and 3 of J18 to control the ethernet port using PRU-ICSS mode]. After that, using CCSv6, i've downloaded on the board the TI application TIDEP0032 [SDK, SYS/BIOS, UIA Target,, ARM compiler 5.1.10, PRU compiler 2.1.1] and i've setted a breakpoint in the interrupt generated by the PRU to the ARM when a new ethernet frame is recognized by the PRU but the breakpoint is never reached. The strange thing that i see is that, when i plug/unplug the eth cable, the "orange led" associated to the ETH0 port on the evaluation board switches on/off : it means that something is working. What i'm doing wrong?

  • Hi Andrea,

    Is your PC sending a specific industrial Ethernet to the ICE board, or is this just a Ethernet frame that the PC sends out (like an ARP) when the PC get's a link? You can use Wireshark to monitor/capture the Ethernet frame and inspect its content.

    Only when the PRU firmware recognize a specific (e.g. EtherCAT, PROFINET, SERCOS, ...) then it will generate an ARM Event.

    If you want to debug the receive part in the PRU, you can place a breakpoint at the b/o of the PROCESS_FRAME label, e.g. at the LBCO command - see below.

    If you run into this break point, then the PRU firmware has received a frame. You should see the frame in register R2 to R9, at least the first 32 bytes of the frame.

    Let me know if you need additional information.

    Regards, Thomas

    ; Process frame here (protocol detection, etc...)
    ; Check Protocol type (offset 0x0c)
    LBCO &R22, C24, 0x0c, 2

  • Hi Thomas, i solved my problem. Before this test [few days ago] i was using a TMDXICE board [v1] and, in the PruInit, i initialized the PRU like a v1 board [without using the board type value]. Now, using the v2 board, i forgot to have done this little but so useful modification and so nothing was working. Thank you so much for your help!