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[FAQ] TDA4VM: What is the difference between SK-TDA4VM and the J721E EVM?

Part Number: TDA4VM
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: , J721EXSOMXEVM, J721EXCPXEVM, PCM3168A, TPS25750, TCA9543A, CDCEL937-Q1, CDCI6214, DS90UH981-Q1, INA226, PCM3168A-Q1, DS90UB926Q-Q1

The goal of this thread is to help engineers differentiate between the SK-TDA4VM evaluation board and the J721E EVM (Evaluation Module).

After reading this FAQ you could answer the following questions:

What SDKs are supported in each EVM?

What are the hardware differences between the SK-TDA4VM and the J721E EVM?

What is the difference in I2C address mapping?

  • Software

    The PROCESSOR-SDK-LINUX-SK-TDA4VM (a.k.a. Edge AI SDK) is an SDK for the low-cost board named as SK-TDA4VM. Compared to the other SDKs that run on J721E EVM and are tailored for automotive applications, the Edge AI SDK and SK-TDA4VM is tailored for rapid prototyping of industrial edge AI applications.

    More details such as driver differences for the SDK differences are documented in the Edge AI SDK:

    The following table shows which SDK is currently supported on TDA4VM Starter Kit vs J721E EVM:






    Linux SDK for DRA829 & TDA4VM JacintoTm Processors



    Linux SDK for edge AI applications on TDA4VM JacintoTm processors



    Linux-RT SDK for DRA829 & TDA4VM JacintoTm Processors



    QNX SDK for DRA829 & TDA4VM JacintoTm Processors



    RTOS SDK for DRA829 & TDA4VM JacintoTm Processors



    Differences are highlighted in red.

    Note: The J721E EVM is comprised of:

    • J721E System On Module (SOM) board

    • Jacinto7 Common Processor Board (CPB)

    • Quad-Port Ethernet board (QPENet)

    SK-TDA4VM J721E EVM 
    Processor TDA4VM Processor, 24 mm x 24 mm, 0.8 mm pitch, 827‐pin FCBGA TDA4VM Processor, 24 mm x 24 mm, 0.8 mm pitch, 827‐pin FCBGA
    Memory – 4GByte LPDDR4 DRAM (3733 MHz)
    – 512 Mb Non-Volatile Flash, Octal‐SPI NOR
    – Multimedia Card (MMC)/Secure Digital Card (Micro SD) Cage, UHS‐I
    – 4GByte LPDDR4 DRAM (3733 MHz), support inline ECC
    2x Octal‐SPI NOR flash, 512 Mb memory (8 bit) + 512 Mb memory (4 bit)
    HyperFlash + HyerRAM, 512 Mb flash memory + 256 Mb RAM
    – UFS Flash memory, 32GByte, 2Lane, Gear3
     – eMMC Flash memory, 16 GB memory, v5.1 compliant
     – MicroSD Card Cage, UHS‐I – Inter-Integrated Circuit (I2C) EEPROM, 1 Mbit
    Display – VESA Display Port (v1.4), supports 4K UHD with MST support
    DVI (v1.0) via HDMI Type A, supports 1080p
    – 1x Display Port, up to 4K resolution with MST support
    Connectivity – USB3.1 (Gen1) Hub to 3x Type A (Host)
    – USB3.1 (Gen1) Type C (DFP and UFP modes)
    – USB2.0 Micro B (for Quad UART-over-USB Transceiver)
    – Gigabit Ethernet (RJ45 Connector)
    – 4x CAN-FD Headers (1x3)
    2x 15-Pin Flex Cable Interface (CSI-2L)
    40-pin High Speed Connector (dual CSI-4L, I2C, GPIO, and so forth )
    – 4x CAN Interfaces, full CAN‐FD support
    – 1x USB3.1 Type C Interface, support DFP, DRP, UFP modes
    4x USB2.0 Host Interfaces (2x for external cables)
    1x FPD‐Link Panel Interface, Gen3
    1x Audio Codec (PCM3168A), supports 2x Line Inputs, 4x Microphone Inputs, 2x Line Outputs, 6x Headphone Outputs
    1x FPD‐Link Radio Tuner Interface
    5x Gbit Ethernet, 1x RGMII/DP83867 + 1x QSGMII/VSC8514
    6x Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter (UART) terminals via 2x USB FTDI (UART‐over‐USB)
    2x I3C headers
    1x ADC Header
    Expansion – M.2 Key E Interface (PCIe/Gen3 x 1 Lane, USB2.0, SDIO, I2S, UART, I2C)
    – M.2 Key M Interface (PCIe/Gen3 x 2 Lane)
    40-pin Header (2x20) (I2C, SPI, UART, I2S, GPIO, PWM, and so forth)
    – Fan Header (5 V)
    2x PCIe Card Slot, 1x PCIe M.2 Slot (M‐Key), all Gen3
    – MLB, MLBP Expansion Interface
    – Image/Video Capture Expansion Interface
    – Apple Authentication Module Interface
    – General Expansion Interface
    JTAG/Emulator – External JTAG/Emulator Support (20-pin Header) Integrated XDS110 Emulator support
    – External emulator through 60pin MIPI Connector
    Trace Support through 60pin MIPI Connector
    Includes adapters for 14pin and 20pin CTI

    Recommended external Power supply (USB-C connector)

    GlobTek, Inc. TR9CZ3000USBCG2R6BF2

    Qualtek QADC-65-20-08CB 

    Optimized Power Management Solution
    – Dynamic Voltage Scaling
    – Multiple Clock and Power Domains

    Power Supply: 12 V DC nominal input (6 V‐28 V input range)
    – Optimized Power Management Solution for Processor
    – Integrated Power Measurement
    Compliance – REACH and RoHS Compliant
    – EMI/EMC Radiation Compliant
    – REACH and RoHS Compliant

    For more information see the corresponding user guides:

    SK-TDA4VM    User Guide

    J721E EVM      User Guide

    I2C address mapping

    SK/EVM Device/Function Part# I2C Address
    WKUP_I2C0 Port
    SK-TDA4VM PMIC PTPS65941213 0x48-4B
    PMIC PTPS65941111 0x4C-4F
    Board ID EEPROM AT24C512C 0x51
    Expansion Header (40p)   Add-on
    J721E EVM PMIC O917A131TRGZTQ1 0x58-5B
    PMIC LP873200RHDTQ1 0x62
    PMIC LP87524BRNFTQ1 0x60
    PMIC LP87561IRNFTQ1 0x61
    Board ID EEPROM CAT24C256W 0x50
    Board ID EEPROM CAT24C256W 0x53
    Board ID EEPROM CAT24C256W 0x54
    MCU_I2C0 Port
    SK-TDA4VM PMIC PTPS65941213 0x12
    J721E EVM BOOT EEPROM AT24CM01 0x50,51
    Temperature Sensors 1 TMP100NA/3K 0x48
    Temperature Sensors 2 TMP100NA/3K 0x49
    SoC_I2C0 Port
    SK-TDA4VM Input PD Controller TPS25750 0x20
    PCIe M.2 Key E/M TCA9543A 0x71, Add-on
    J721E EVM Peripheral Clock Generator CDCEL937-Q1 0x6D
    RTC Module MCP79410 0x57,6F
    Apple Authentication Header/Footprint 2214BR‐10G 0x10, 0x11
    SERDES REF CLK GEN - 2 CDCI6214 0x76
    16 bit I2C GPIO Expander-1 TCA6416ARTWR 0x20
    24 bit I2C GPIO Expander-2 TCA6424ARGJR 0x21
    I2C MUX for both x2LANE and x1LANE PCIe Interface TCA9543APWR 0x70
    I2C MUX for M.2 PCIe Connector (2 L PCIe Gen4-SERDES2) TCA9543APWR 0x71
    MLB Physical Interface Board <connector interface>  
    Clock Generator on Quad ENET Board CDCI6214 TBD
    SoC_I2C1 Port
    SK-TDA4VM HDMI DDC   Add-on
    J721E EVM 8 bit I2C GPIO Expander-4 TCA6408ARGTR 0x20
    FPD Link-IV Serializer (DSI) DS90UH981-Q1 0x0E
    Current Monitors 1(PM1_I2C) INA226 0x40-0x4F
    Current Monitors 2(PM2_I2C) INA226 0x40-0x4F
    Test Automation Header <connector interface>  
    SoC_I2C3 Port
    SK-TDA4VM Camera Expansion TCA9543A 0x70, Add-on
    J721E EVM 8 bit I2C GPIO Expander-3 TCA6408ARGTR 0x20
    Audio Codec - 1 PCM3168A-Q1 0x44
    FPD Link-III De-serializer (McASP) DS90UB926Q-Q1 0x2C
    SoC_I2C5 Port
    SK-TDA4VM Expansion Header (40p)   Add-On
    SoC_I2C6 Port
    J721E EVM 8 bit I2C GPIO Expander-5 TCA6408ARGTR 0x20

    For more information see the corresponding user guides:

    SK-TDA4VM    User Guide

    J721E EVM      User Guide