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We are working with integrating HSR PRP example code in board, and got a compile error for this code:

switchEmacCfg->phyAddr[0] = Board_getPhyAddress(PRUICSS_INSTANCE, 1);
switchEmacCfg->phyAddr[1] = Board_getPhyAddress(PRUICSS_INSTANCE, 2);

switchEmacCfg->portMask = ICSS_EMAC_MODE_SWITCH;
switchEmacCfg->ethPrioQueue[ICSS_EMAC_QUEUE1] = 1 ;
switchEmacCfg->ethPrioQueue[ICSS_EMAC_QUEUE2] = 0 ;
switchEmacCfg->ethPrioQueue[ICSS_EMAC_QUEUE3] = 1 ;
switchEmacCfg->ethPrioQueue[ICSS_EMAC_QUEUE4] = 0 ;
switchEmacCfg->halfDuplexEnable = 0;

switchEmacCfg->enableIntrPacing = ICSS_EMAC_ENABLE_PACING;
switchEmacCfg->pacingThreshold = 100;

switchEmacCfg->ethPrioQueue[ICSS_EMAC_QUEUE1] = 1 is accessing a ethPrioQueue with array subscript.

The example code is located in PRU-ICSS-HSR-PRP-DAN_01.00.05.01\examples\hsr_prp\main.cpp.

In our pdk, pdk17, the struct is defined like this

*  @brief     ICSS EMAC Init Configuration Structure
typedef struct {
    /** Phy address of the ports.For mac each handle will have single port only
    *   And Two for Switch handle
    /** Flag to enable Half duplex capability. Firmware support also is required to
    *     enable the functionality
    uint8_t halfDuplexEnable;
    /** Flag to enable Interrupt pacing */
    uint8_t enableIntrPacing;
    /** Number of packets threshold for Pacing Mode1 */
    uint16_t pacingThreshold;
    /** Queue Priority separation for RT and NRT packets
    *     If packets are in Queue <=ethPrioQueue, they will be forwarded to NRT callback
    *     and others to RT callback
    uint8_t ethPrioQueue;
    /** Flag to enable learning. Not applicable for Mac mode */
    uint8_t learningEn;
    /**Port Mask. Indication to LLD which ports to be used
    uint8_t portMask;
    /* Recieve Packet, DSP: int vector number; ARM: GIC int number (peripheral event ID + 32) */
    uint32_t rxIntNum;
    /* Link Interrupt, DSP: int vector number; ARM: GIC int number (peripheral event ID + 32) */
    uint32_t linkIntNum;
    /* Transmit Completion , DSP: int vector number; ARM: GIC int number (peripheral event ID + 32) */
    uint32_t txIntNum;

    /**Macid to be used for the interface*/
    uint8_t* macId;
    /**Pacing mode to be used(MODE1/MODE2)*/
    uint8_t ICSS_EmacIntrPacingMode;
    /**Flag to enable TTS Cyclic Packet Insertion Notification Interrupt*/
    uint8_t	ICSS_EmacTTSEnableCycPktInterrupt;
    /**CorePac specific Mux configuration parameters for Rx packet interrupt*/
    ICSS_EmacIntrMuxCfg intrMuxCfgRxPkt;
    /**CorePac specific Mux configuration parameters for Tx completion  interrupt*/
    ICSS_EmacIntrMuxCfg intrMuxCfgTxComplete;
    /**CorePac specific Mux configuration parameters for Link interrupt*/
    ICSS_EmacIntrMuxCfg intrMuxCfgLink;
} ICSS_EmacInitConfig;

So the compile error is "invalid types 'uint8_t {aka unsigned char}[uint32_t {aka long unsigned int}]' for array subscript".

Is this allowed syntax?

Or do we have an outdated definition of the struct in our codebase?

Thanks for your continuous support,

Best Regards,

Anders Viken.